I love getting emails and meeting new people so don’t be shy about emailing me! Whether you are interested in hiring me or just want to have a chat about someting else. I’m always happy to chat. Send me an email [email protected]

What I Do

DesignI can help you design your website or mobile app no matter what stage you are currently at. Wireframing a completely new concept, adding new features or refining or redesigning existing parts of your application.

DevelopmentI can turn designs into pixel-perfect pages and fully-functional front-ends, prototype new ideas, and work on any React app whether it's built from scratch or on a framework like Next.js or Gatsby.js.

GrowthI’ve ran multiple profitable businesses and have worked closely with marketing teams. With my multiIdisciplinary skill set I help companies with user acquisition, reducing churn, designing and running A/B tests, improving conversion and more.

WritingI can help you kickstart or build out a technical publication, review technical content for accuracy or write documentation for your organization or it's end users. Take a look at my writing for examples of articles I’ve written.

Search engine optimizationI grew VloggingPro from 0 to 100.000 unique visitors per month with organic search traffic in 12 months. I can help you with on-site SEO optimization. Optimizing page load speed, improving mobile friendliness, adding schema data and improving internal linking structure.

I rarely check DM’s on Twitter, LinkedIn or other sites. The best way to reach me is via email [email protected]