This is where I write about topics that interest me such as digital minimalism, productivity and programming.

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Games Are the new Social Networks

Over the past decade, social media went from something that barely existed to being used across the world Facebook counts over 2.2 billion users. Instagram has more than 1 bill...Read More

06 August, 2019 in Business

Launching My New Personal Website

I recently redesigned my personal website since I hadn't updated it on over 3 years. A lot had changed in that time so it was about time to create a new site. Here is the proces...Read More

26 July, 2019 in Projects

Digital Minimalism: Declutter Your Devices and Your Mind

A lot of content about minimalism focusses on material possessions. But as we throw away items we never use and "Kon Mari" it up, there is one area in our lives that we often ov...Read More

17 December, 2018 in Digital Minimalism